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Winter warming cocktail recipes!

Often when we think of cocktails we imagine icy cold Mojitos or refreshing Margaritas by the pool. However, with the shorter days and crisp cold nights you cannot beat a soothing wintery sipper to warm the cockles.
Spring isn’t far away but the evenings still have a chill to them. Although we are all excited for the change of season and the vivacious culinary treats that it will bring, there are still a few cold nights by the fire to be enjoyed.

Here are 6 of our favourite cocktails to serve this time of year; think winter warmers with a little bit of spring time hope!

1. Bourbon Old FashionedFor those who enjoy a stiff drink, but feel like something a touch softer
2. Brandy Alexander - An indulgent dessert cocktail perfect for an after-dinner digestif.
3. Spiced Mulled Wine - A classic soothing wine based cocktail with many options for customisation.
4. Ginger pear martini - A warming and refreshing martini for those late fall evenings.
5. Spicy Pineapple Mint Julep - A warming, fruity take on a southern United States classic.
6. Hankey Panky - The sultry cocktail created at the Savoy in London by Ada Coleman, perhaps the most famed female bartender of all time.

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